Using 4G on SIM800L

I am trying to use a giffgaff 4G on SIM800L but the light flashes every one second constantly meaning it is not connected. I have done everything correctly making sure there is 4.1V voltage input supply but there is no connection. Do i need a 2G, if yes where can i get one? or any recommendations on what other gsm module i can use for sending text via sms to phone?

You need a SIM whose network supports 2G technology. Or it wont work. Even though its written 4G on the SIM, there will be fallback to 2G if 4G not supported, Check with your network and make sure they are still supporting 2G. If going for 4G, Use, SIM7600E for Europe

Thanks Ravi, I ordered a 1pmobile sim which supports 2g and it works!

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