Which GSM module to use in USA ? SIM900A doesnt work

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I stay in USA and i am doing project using GSM Sim900 module. i forst bought sim900a and then i figured out that it doesn’t work here in America. I am trying to buy a sim900 but i am not finding it on any website. Its very urgent that i complete this project for my graduation. help me to buy a sim900 as shown here in the pictures above. Also i need to use it with a PIC micro controller not arduino. Can i use this one with a PIC Microcontroller

You can use SIM800C SIM800L also. SIM800L is widely available in USA. You can look at Adafruit site. In USA you need to use TMobile SIM card only as others don’t support 2G. For 3g your can use SIM5320A

Ok i will look for them on the websites. also can i know one more thing. https://www.sainsmart.com/products/sim900-gprs-gsm-board-quad-band-module-kit-for-arduino?variant=45101339028. Can i use this one ?

Yes, you can use it, Its based on SIM900 Quad band module.

Thank you for the reply

I tried the same module with T-mobile. It does not seem to work. The “Sync” led keeps blinking fast. In other words “no network”. Did it work for you ?

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@eswark2911 Which module did you try?

Hi I also tried the sainsmart sim900 gsm module this week but i didn’t work.
Now i have ordered sim800L hope it works

SIM900 works in USA. You need to change the CBAND setting to PCS_MODE or ALL_BAND.
Check your band settings and TMobile coverage. SIM900A will not work.

whats the band setting and how do i change it

Use the AT+CBAND command . Example is in datasheet for various bands supported by module.

Good day, which gsm module will work in Jamaica?

Hi Ravi ,

Which kind of sim will work with SIM800L module ,it tried with usa mobile sim card but it didnt work ,can you suggest me exactly what kind of sim card will work with sim800L module

Hi , did it work with sim 800L