Will sim808 module provide Micro seconds delay?

Hi sir

i am try to interface between sim808 and dht11 humidity sensor,we must give 40 and 1 microseconds delay for response from sensor ,but in sim808 delay function gives time in milliseconds only ,is there any chance to give microseconds delay in sim808 module .

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G. jayanth kumar

Are you using EAT commands ?

Yes ,I am using eat commands

Sorry i am not using eat commands ,just i read gpio pin only.

DHT11 sensor giving 40 bit responce ,so i need to take that 40 bits , i trying read that bits using gpio read function .but i can’t get accurate data ,suppose i read gpio pin 50 time , it give upto 45 or 46 bits but actually sensor gives output bits are 40 bits only .how can solve these problem ,help me sir.